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Amplifyer digital consultancy and rep firm connects brands with start-ups

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Chalice develops and deploys custom algorithms to grow market share.  Their marketing AI concierge provides models built exclusively for your business, along with true lift to any part of the funnel, and is adaptable to any platform.


AdPredictive is a customer marketing intelligence platform providing advertisers full transparency and control within their media strategy. Leverage one holistic view to craft your company's story surrounding audience, media and outcomes performance.


Mint Measure helps brands to understand media delivery and make effective optimizations with new-to-market analytics.  With actionable insights, Mint Measure helps business reduce media waste, understand the sales cycle, and drive increased reach.

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Mike Oringer

Senior Vice President at Stoli Group USA

Mike Aronow's digital media expertise, creativity and ability to lead, motivate and communicate make him an invaluable resource in a rapidly changing media landscape. He is a thoughtful leader who is able to produce exponential growth with integrity and vision. Mike has a gift for building effective relationships with key internal and external stakeholders while recognizing opportunities for increased sales and volume.

Joe Pospisil

Client Partner, Facebook

I had the pleasure of working with Mike at CBS. He is a highly creative, motivating and forward thinking leader. Mike was responsible for establishing and growing the local and national digital media sales department, and was extremely successful! His calm and determined approach with the sales staffs resulted in exponential growth and he helped to create an atmosphere that inspired new ideas and opportunity for his staff and the business. Mike is an outstanding leader who understands the industry and gets the best out of those around him.

Cecille (CQ) Quiambao

Head of Industry, Apple

Mike is the type of sales leader companies dream of. He beats revenue goals QoQ, motivates his team day in and day out past challenging circumstances and is extremely collaborative cross-departments. I've had the absolute pleasure of working w/ him across two companies and strongly recommend him in heading up sales organizations.

Dave Smith

Partner Lead, Financial Services at Google

Mike is a phenomenal leader and would be an incredible asset to any sales organization. He consistently beats revenue goals, possesses strong communication skills and is excellent at collaborating cross-functionally. Mike genuinely cares about his team on a professional and personal level and is invested in their success. I have the pleasure of calling him a mentor and a friend. He's truly A+.