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Custom Cookieless Approach

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Immersive Omnichannel Experiences

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World Class Data & Measurement

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The Challenge: Omni-Channel Branding

Brands are constantly seeking differentiated, unique and custom ways of achieving meaningful reach and awareness, but the available solutions are often limited, one size fits all and measured on archaic KPIs.

The Solution: Amplifyer’s blend of immersive omnichannel experiences and next gen ad tech creates bespoke and quantifiable impact for brands, yielding true engagement and brand recall.

Amplifyer’s omnichannel product suite offers brands the opportunity to innovatively and organically align with world-famous influencers, athletes, musicians, actors, comedians, Broadway stars and more across audio, video, desktop, mobile and social platforms.

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  • Product placement and signage
  • Category exclusive sponsorships
  • Social integration
  • Video and audio integration
  • Innovative display and mobile campaigns
  • Celebrity endorsements

Unique, attention and engagement driven ad units that generate and unlock


more recall than traditional completed views


higher engagement rate than the average industry standard overlay


lift in attention for video ads


avg click through rate

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Case Study

In a recent beta phase case study, on average, a control group recalled specific ad messages correctly only 10% of the time, but users who saw ads using the format answered questions correctly 50% of the time, a 500% increase in recall.

Need a customized solution for your industry?

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The Challenge: Understanding Your Audience and Media Plan

Brands often have robust customer data and CRMs without the necessary tools and insights to effectively build actionable data strategies. Similar challenges arise when planning, executing and measuring cross channel, data-driven advertising campaigns.

The Solution: Ampfliyer’s data, analytics and measurement suite provides the intelligence brands need to better understand their existing customers and efficiently target qualified, incremental prospects.

Ampfliyer’s cookie-less and ID based customer intelligence solution puts the marketer in charge by unlocking insights and identifying opportunities to create deeper and more valuable customer relationships.

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  • Empowers clients to control data, take action on insights and leverage automation to drive business impact
  • Provides rapid understanding of consumers with 1st party data enrichment
  • Drives growth effectively and at scale with radically transparent pricing and methodologies
  • Disrupts traditional data approaches to fill in blind spots with 3rd-party data

Amplifyer’s cross channel measurement solution provides a fresh and holistic approach to ad measurement. Forget algorithmic attribution and probabilistic conversion credit and learn the unique contribution of every channel, reduce media waste, and inform future investments, all using a deterministic analysis. By using our measurement solution, you will gain insightful understanding of the campaign delivery across channels with 3 specific outcomes

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Know where there is duplicated ad spend and how to correct it

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Understand the user journey, and how to reach users within the sales cycle

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Know where media investments will be most efficient cycle

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